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Vers Une Nouvelle Forme D’agriculture

A smart solution destined to farmers who are seeking a better management of irrigation and cost control.
The aim of this solution is to optimize the irrigation dosage in the farm in order to enhance crop yield.  

Smart irrigation : the Smart irrigation solution allows the optimization of resources ( water, energy, fertilizer) and the planning of irrigation with the help of a monitoring system. This solution is capable of remotely controlling the irrigation system drip line with a smartphone. This facilitates the management of the irrigation system and it’s real- time control. Also, our solution uses the installation of intelligent sensors capable of measuring the percentage of soil moisture in order to optimize the dosage of the irrigation to reduce water waste.   

Smart monitoring : Industry 4.0 involves a digital transformation encompassing information technology, hardware and software. This new industry corresponds to a new way of organizing the means of production. This technique allows the data to be processed quickly. It gives the user the ability to make decisions from a smartphone, like programming, activating, deactivating all or some parts of the irrigation system according to the data captured by the sensors..

Smart Process: Smart farming consists of managing water, light, humidity and temperature in order to improve the quality and quantity of production and minimize the movement of the personnel in regards to surveillance and control tasks. Through a mobile agriculture application, the farmer can easily control and define the various irrigation and fertigation programs over the entire life cycle of the plants. The farmer can switch from one program to another with a few clicks from a smartphone.